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Specialized in the beautiful region of the Marches (Le Marche), we offer properties for sale in Italy to foreign and domestic buyers and investors.

Our customers are generally looking for a holiday home but also for a retirement home, for permanent residence or for a new start-up in Italy. Like many other residents further north in Europe, our clients are looking primarily for the quiet country home, which should not be too far away from the nearest town. We are specialized in these estates and in properties located in the medieval centre (centro storico) of a village or a small town. Our own love to Le Marche gives us always again new energy to discover beautiful and particular places and to add them to our portfolio.

A very important factor when purchasing a property abroad is simply the price. And here in the wonderful rolling hills of Le Marche you can buy properties still or again at reasonable prices. Le Marche are just getting discovered abroad and are still not very well known, although now one is speaking by Le Marche as the "New Tuscany" since some years

The way we see it is, that the boom that has undoubtedly been in the years until 2008, will flatten out a bit for a few years. The estate market will continue to evolve constantly until Le Marche will come to a comparable price level like in Tuscany. The market there has been swept clean and the prices are so exorbitantly high that it is hardly impossible to come to a significant increase in value in the foreseeable future. The situation is similar in Umbria.

When investing abroad, there should be the opportunity to get an increase in value. Reading comments and books about buying a "holiday property" it seems to be not the best option in terms of capital investment and profit opportunities. But we think that an investment in a property in Le Marche is a very attractive input in a growing market. The prices have raised already in the recent years, but it is right now in more difficult economic times quite possible again, to come much cheaper to an own property. Although in the moment there won't happen enormous price increases, the market will pick up again. Le Marche are also seen in Italy by Italian citizens as one of the few regions in which it is currently worth and attractive to invest in real estate.

First of all we want to help that your dream comes true. But who can plan the own life so far in advance that a later sale (as far as possible with the maximum profit) is excluded at the outset. Also under this aspect of the pure sober investment, we try to advise you best.

In addition to the attractiveness of the property itself (location, views, proximity to the sea, condition, renovation costs, transport facilities, infrastructure), we try to get any possible information about a property and it's environment to ensure it's best recoverability.

Even after the purchase, we want to attend you at the best possible and support you as a partner. We will be on your side to find the right partners like technicians (geometras, architects or engineers), builders, craftsmen for a possible renovation process or facility managers, caretakers, gardeners for the future maintenance of your property. Over the many years we have been in Le Marche we can recommend very good people and can put you in contact with the best companies - and we can help to eliminate the few black sheep in the building trade. Of course like everywhere else in the world they do exist here, too.

When you in the end - perhaps even after a necessary renovation and refurbishment process - have come to your dream home and we could help you, that everything went as smooth as possible, then your satisfaction is our incentive to put even more effort in the optimization of our services.

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